Manual tools for manufacturing of consumables

Universal-Bending Machine B 74

For rules of 2 points thickness, with accessories:

Shape no. 2 (right angle bend), stopp gage, die holder for standard shapes, sleeve for cylindrical pins, support arm for cyl. pins. For the standard bending dies please see below. This bending machine is designed for universal bending, for intricate bending made of one piece of rule, and also for small circles and loops.

Bending Machine-Accessories ffo Bending Machine B 74

Form pairs
Ring Bending Device

Cyl. Pins from 6 mm Diameter
Counterparts for cyl. Pins

Special Solid Pins
usable on both sides, one side with 90° angle and the other side with a radius

Counterparts for Special Solid Pins
with 90° angle or with a radius

Bending Machine with Foot-Lever Operation FB 77

Due to the large accurately ground and chromated steel base, the bending always remains even. The die-maker also has both hands free for the bending operation. The shapes are rigidly held in position and yet can easily be changed. The solid supporting arm and the good power transmission enable bending of rules up to 50 x 1,05 mm. The bending machine is equipped with a vernier gage. An accuracy can be obtained within 0,05 mm.

Tools for FB 77

Bending Machine with Foot-Lever Operation FB 78

The bending machine FB 78 has been constructed for the forming of high and thick steel rules up to 100 x 1,42 mm. An adjusting screw in the support arm guarantees the correct position of the shapes to be achieved which prevents distortion of the steel rules.

Tools for FB 78