Powerful, High Performance, Fast

  • Flat Bed Die Cutting

    We supply the whole range of flat steel rules: cutting, creasing, perforating or stripping. Serial/Standard production, customized manufacturing and prototype designing possible.

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  • Rotary Die Cutting

    GNU Rotary Rules for cutting, perforating and creasing with the entire range of standard executions and tooth designs, customized requirements as well as high-end solutions for advanced die-cutting.

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  • Ejection Rubber

    We provide an extensive range of different rubber material & configurations adapting to the material that perfectly suits to your need. Our sheets and profile products are adjusted for long endurance. We support CAD systems and manufacturing requirements.

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  • Creasing Matrix

    Make-Ready Systems from Steel base, Pressboard and plastic. Channel Creasing Matrix from Steel Base. Pentra Creasing Matrix from pressboard or plastic stand for high quality and long performance. The product range covers a broad dimension spectrum.

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  • Offset Rules

    GNU Offset Rules for perforating, cutting and creasing in one operation. Also available Auto-Offset for self-adjustment and Auto-Offset Contrepartie, self-adjusting rubber blanket protection.

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  • Accessories

    GNU Manual tools for manufacturing and adjusting of cutting dies and consumables.

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