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Foundation of Graef GNU by Ernst Graef jr.

More than a hundred and ten years ago, Ernst Graef jr. took the decision to found a saw factory. His parents and siblings supported him in his decision and helped him to prosper the business.

The machines were self-engineered and built and the business started to gain contacts in Germany and abroad.

Starting in rented premises, the machinery equipment was set-up according to modern considerations in 1913.

The manufacturing process of the saws was revolutionised through the patented endless milling technology which was an unique feature at the time.

The product range consisted of Metal Hack Saw Blades and Metal Band Saw Blades which were given the brand name "GNU".

Founder: Ernst Graef jr.


After the death Ernst jr., his brother August takes over control

After the early death of the founder, August Graef took over control in 1922. The business was extended for another production building.

The work force supported August Graef to prosper the business in Germany and in many countries around the world.

From sourcing the material, to the milling and later hardening process the entire product process was observed metallographically.

Thank to this quality features and the efforts of the owner the customer base was enlarged and GNU products enjoyed a very high reputation.

August Graef


Reorientation to Steel Rules for die-making

Since the beginning of the last century the production was switched step by step the manufacturing of Steel Rules and accessoires for the printing and packaging industry and the range of supply was constantly enlarged.

Through the massive quality advantage and the great reputation GNU strenghened its market position: "GNU"- Products - The Epitome of Quality and Precision!

Workforce 1950


Extension of production buildings

Massive increase in demand needed more space

Air photograph


Introduction of Offset Perf/Cut/Crease

Further extension of the manufacturing range with the development of GNU Offset Rules, which enables perforating, creasing and cutting in one operation.

Offset Perf/Cut/Crease


Extension Producting Building

Through the increasing demand on the markets and the extension of the product range, new ans larger production facilities were needed.

Producting Building


Introduction of Pentra Creasing Matrix

Pentra is our Creasing Matrix from Pressboard for the die-cutting of paper, board and even corrugated board.

Pentra Creasing Matrix


Development of Pentra ECO

A further product line of our creasing matrix for smaller quantities and with more resource-efficient materials.

Pentra ECO


Development of Ejection Rubbers

Production of Ejection Profiles in many varieties, materials and hardnesses for flat and rotary dies.

GNU SprintEject | GNU Corkeject


Extension of new production and storage building

Ending 2013, the 110th anniversary of the company, GNU has moved into its new production and storage facilities at the headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany with additional 1000 square meters on two floors.

The extension has been long needed due to the growing demand for GNU products nationally and internationally while simultaneously expanding the company’s product range.

New production and storage building